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Late oil change, recommend engine flush. Lol.

So I went in today for an oil change (my18 impreza)and I was 1k over, so they did the oil change and tire rotation.
They bring me the Cabin Air Filter and recommend it be replaced (26k on the car, will do myself), they charge $59.95 but took it out to show me for free....
Because I was 1k over on the oil change the recommended an Engine Flush for $139, doubt the engine would be that bad off that the oil change would not clean out or it would prob pop a code.
I can't blame them for trying, but some people would panic and prob drop over $1k for things because they are afraid.

So tomorrow back to the dealer with the my17 Forester, lets see what they want to do besides the oil and rotation...

Time to find place to order Cabin and Engine Air Filters...

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Your local auto zone will
Have them. And thatís dealerships for you

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The old “Flush” scam is almost as common as cleaning fuel injectors.
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There oughta be a law...

Did you tell thank you for taking the cabin filter out; 'just leave it out, please. I'll put a new one in tomorrow'.
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When I brought in my '17 Impreza for the first 6K service the dealer told me that they "recommend" an oil change every 5K. I told the guy I would just stick to the schedule per the manual. They are not allowed to be pushy at all or Subaru will hear about it thru bad reviews.

The manual for this same car in the Australian market (global platform) states that oil changes are only needed every 12,500km (+/-7,600mi) or once every 12 months. You were early by 600 or so miles so even that's even more laughable. I guess Subaru and other car manufacturers bend to the car dealers (lobby groups??) here in the states and tell us that we need to get an oil change every 6K miles. While countries like Australia embrace progressive government reforms like consumer protections, we here in the states let big companies rip us off.

As soon as my 36K mi warranty is up, I will start doing my own oil changes at 8K mi intervals.
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Jim Dizz

Why wait? I changed OEM oil/filter at 6k. Replaced with full synthetic, extended performance oil and a 15k filter.

I'm going on a 10k/1 year (which ever comes first) oil change. With quality full synthetic and quality filter...these parameters are very doable.

I've driven Subaru for 30 years. I have no qualms doing the above. Subaru is way behind the times with warranty oil/filter intervals...all to appease their suspect dealer network.

Good luck
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