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What they said ^
Seriously tho, glad no one got hurt; that sh*t is scary.

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UPDATE !! Goodish News !!

Dealer service just called. Engine is NOT blown ! The "quotes" here are their words. Apparently during PDI (pre-delivery service) a "repair" was made involving a gas hose with 2 fastening clips. The "technician only put one clip back on", a verbally acknowledged "mistake". At speed, the hose popped off, spraying gas all around, turning all the dash lights on, and making the engine fail. They cleaned the engine compartment, filled car with gas, and washed outside and inside to remove gas odor; some odor is apparently still there. Technician test drove the car on the highway and said it was fine.

Before receiving the dealer service "not blown" call, I did call 1-855-384-8926 Subaru of America, Inc.Customer Retailer Services, and spoke with Chris Dickinson. He was apologetic and helpful and said he would get involved in this case. I explained I was not complaining, but calling him for information for my next steps, should I not be happy with the dealer's resolution. I also suggested that they research the incident and take steps to avoid similar incidents in the future. The dealer service manager mentioned that Subaru of America had called her about the case.

I'm still wondering about the clunk, clunk, clunk I heard and any other long term wear/stress/trauma on other car parts. For my personal trauma having survived the highway incident, I would like something in return. Any ideas? Free oil changes for 3 years?
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The clunking was likely the CVT rotating the engine due to the momentum of the vehicle moving forward. There may be some concern that the metal belt within the CVT may have slipped under these conditions.

Fortunately, your Impreza may ALREADY has 100k mile extended warantee on the CVT. (I received a letter explaining this for my 2017)

Believe it or not, I too had a fuel-hose pop off whilst driving (2006 Subaru Baja turbo) the engine stopped running immediately. In my case, I simply pushed the clutch in and rolled to a stop. For me, the fuel was being pumped out of the tank all over the ground anytime the key was on.

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Originally Posted by PDawg View Post
First donít spend too much time on the Internet, most wont have useful advice. 2nd, stuff like this does happen and usually gets taken care of. 3rd, call Subaru directly and nicely tell them what happened, it might help. 4th, do not agree to take that car back, if nothing else because it will likely have diminished value. 5, be nice, the people you will be dealing with did not build that engine.

this is ABSOLUTELY the best advice! if you start demanding stuff, you will only get attitude. you have to be nice, even though you won't want to. the people who sold the car didn't build it, so being pissed at them won't get you anywhere. talk only to managers is another good piece of advice. a service writer or your sales person will be of little help in this situation. I hope it works out for the best for you.

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^^^ x2. Just be polite with the service advisors. See if you can get a 100k powertrain warranty out of the deals. Say youíre worried there might be long term issues from the damage that was from their techs.

But again, ask. Donít demand.

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The "full" story is below from what appeared to be concerned service manager types. They had received a call from Subaru of America relaying my concerns. They explained that the check engine light code BEFORE I took delivery of the car was p2017 for a faulty "sensor". The technician disconnected the gas hose to replace the sensor. On reconnect, he is supposed to make the hose clamp click twice. He said it only clicked once, and caused the scary disconnect. And gas spraying all over inside the engine compartment. They said they thoroughly cleaned the compartment, but that there would be some gas smell for a couple days. And no damage to other components.

48 hours later, hood open all night inside and open now on a sunny breezy day, there is still a little gas odor outside the car. Inside the car with the windows closed, I'm guessing the new car smell is blending with minor gas smell, and is dramatically less that Friday evening. It's liveable.

I expect to go back to the dealer tomorrow to negotiate for a 10 year, 100,000 mile Subaru of America transferable warranty and maybe a free oil change. The current 100,000 mile warranty is from the dealer who may not be in business in 6 years. Any other suggestions??
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Push for them to certify it. 100k warranty and a few other goodies.

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When you are talking to the manager just slip the term "lawyer" into the conversation, that always works.
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Had a similar incident about 5 years ago with a Mercury 3L V6 after an incompetent did a fuel filter change. No issues or problems with that car for the several years I that kept it after. I did get a new respect for the newer fuel injection cars with their high pressure fuel lines and goofy lock-ups for their connection.

If you can get the extended engine warranty out of this that would be great but I'd be really surprised if it would be offered for free. Maybe at a discount? I hear that there is a big profit margin on these offerings.
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Can the dealer spell "LEMON LAW"?
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