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  • tripswitch ·
    So do you think people would get offended? Or open my self up for BS if I post that video?

    It's a cheap camera. I can't afford what I really want, so this does fine.
    It's a Tryace
    1stsubie ·
    I don't have an issue with it but others might get uptight about it. You know how some people are these days. I think the profanity adds full effect to the situation I agree. You could upload it & if no one complains then your good.
    tripswitch ·
    1stsubie, Do you think this is okay to show on the forums?

    I was going to post my dash cam video of the situation to watch for when driving with low profile tires, also the handling of braking at full lock up with the ABS from 45mph to 0. I chose not to remove the audio to get the full effect, unfortunately it has profanity. Mind you this situation happened 3 days after I got the car. No harm done.

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