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  • KayakGuy ·
    Also, sorry for the delayed response... I actually sold my Subaru so haven't been on the forum much and just came back today to list some things for sale (including the Yakima stuff).
    KayakGuy ·
    I've actually had three setups haha... I had the Thule regular bars (aero bars on towers), and also tried their all-in-one bar where it doesn't extend past the towers (towers are built in)... and then the Yakima setup.

    The Yakima setup is by far the best as far as removal and reinstallation which is nice. It has some wind noise, about the same as the first Thule setup, but not really noticeable unless you don't ever use the radio. The All-in-one Thule is definitely the quietest.

    With both Thule setups it is a pain to either remove the bars (would require re-centering the bars each time which is a pain) or removing the towers (requires removing multiple screws/nuts from each tower each time).

    In my book the Yakima setup is by far the best all around. Locks at all four towers and can quickly (as in less than a minute) remove both bars for car washes, saving gas, etc. when not in use.

    I'm still trying to sell my setup so let me know if you'd like to go with Yakima.
    rmc983 ·
    Saw you installed but ultimately parted with both setups. From you comments, seems like the Yakima was easier to install, how long did it take? I too would want to be able to remove easily when not in use as you mention with Yakima. Was leaving the mounting kit in and removing the cross bars an option on both setups? Did one seem to be noisier than the other? Appreciate any advice you can offer!
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