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General Information

Base Hatchback/Wagon
Picked this car up from a decent dealership on December 3rd as an early birthday gift and gave my girlfriend my 04 Mazda 6 Sport
28k on the odometer and looks like it was well taken care of.
I went in kind of blind and purchased this car because it’s a Subaru and in my knowledge all Subarus are pretty decent cars with lots of mods available. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be many mods for performance of speed for these little guys but I have other plans

Fog light install

hella horn install (very much needed that)

Remote Start, Security and GPS/Mobile SmartStart install (while I was at work during some downtime)

Front Camera install (not to happy with the angle but it’s used just for fun)

Factory radio which was terrible and made weird glitchy sounds when going in reverse and switching to backup camera

Couldn’t install electronics in other peoples cars because I had Covid and couldn’t go to work but now the glitchy sound is gone and SubaSteeve equipped with wireless android auto / carplay with a Kenwood DDX9707

who doesn’t like more gauges? The impreza is pretty limited in this area and living in Las Vegas I want to know the engine temp of my car

some more infotainment that stock base Imprezas don’t show, I hit a nail and couldn’t find it. This helped a lot

To Come: AudioControl 800.4 four channel amp, still looking for good 6x9 component speakers that are worth the money, Down4sound JP23 monoblock amp with a 12” Sundown audio v3 sub, High output alternator, Big 3 upgrade and sound deadening the entire car, window tint and changing the factory wheels for something with more bite and glamor.


interior foot well lighting controlled from the steering wheel (on/off).
Hella horns with wired relay, fog light package and front camera
Kenwood DDX9707 Headunit with Maestro RR2 harness, more to come when money becomes available.
Wheel and Tire
Options are open for lowering or lifting, low profile or bigger wheels


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