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cold air intake
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  1. Intake
    100 bucks and it's all yours. All I ask is you pay shipping. These are $399 new but since this one is gently used I lowered the price!! LOL. That and I'm not trying to make money off of it. I just want to see it go to somebody that will love it and put it to good use, and so I don't take a...
  2. Intake And Exhaust
    AEM 17-18 C.A.S Subaru Impreza L4-2.0L F/I Cold Air Intake - 21-846C
  3. What Did You Do To Your 2017+ Subaru Impreza Today
    So today is the day I cut up my air box... I modified the back of my intake box to keep the MAF port intact. Used all spectre performance intake pieces of 3". Put a rubber coupling from the MAF to a swivel bracket that went into the preexisting holes from the air box to another rubber coupling...
  4. Intake And Exhaust
    I was informed that the K&N cold air intake made for our cars messes with the ECU and the functionality of our cars. My question is does it throw a CEL and does it need a tune after? Also if anyone has had an issue with this please let me know of the issue you had! Thanks in advance
1-4 of 4 Results