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fog lights
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  1. Exterior
    Item: OLM K.I.S.S. Complete Fog Light Kit Details: Yellow housing. Includes all bulbs, harnesses and covers Fitment: 2017-2019 Impreza and Impreza Sport Condition: Used for about 25k miles. Price: $130 shipped to lower 48. OBO. Pickup preferred Location: Philadelphia, PA...
  2. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hey y'all been searching but haven't seen this directly addressed Looking to add Fog lights to my 2021 base. I like the all black covers and hate the chrome trim one currently available through Subaru. Current "place holder" covers are all black. How/where do I get all black fog light covers...
  3. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hey all, just thought is share a few pics of my SS3 Yellow fog lights from Diode Dynamics all installed. I've been running LED bulbs in the stock housings with Yellow film and the SS3s blow them away. They have a focused pattern that gives a nice pool of light in front, but where they really...
1-3 of 3 Results