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  1. 2017+ Impreza General Discussion Forum
    Hi, Recently have had a headlight go out in the main bulb. It is LED and the mechanic/Subaru have told us that the whole headlamp assembly needs to be changed which costs >$2700. Can anyone tell me if there is an alternative? Or where I may be able to get second hand/after market?
  2. 5th Gen Impreza Issues & Problems
    Hey everyone! Recently got a ‘20 Hatchback Sport in July. Today I just noticed some condensation or something in the headlights. Has anyone experienced this? It was below freezing this morning if that’s anything. Worth bringing it to the dealer?
  3. Lighting
    i have a 2017 impreza and was wondering if anyone had any aftermarket headlight links or could point me to the right direction for some nice headlights
  4. Xeon_Headlights.jpg

    Functional second mod was some Sylvia ZXE Xenon headlights. Couple bucks for both the high and low beams but totally worth it IMO.
  5. 2017+ Impreza General Discussion Forum
    does anyone know if the subispeed WRx headlights fit on an impreza or crosstrek? Or any 17+ wrx headlights fit on 17+ impreza
1-5 of 5 Results