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  1. Lighting
    Great lights, I swapped to them from Morimoto 2-Strokes. Very bright, cleaner line than Morimoto 2strokes. They used to be sold here: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0995DP9F2/ yes it is available, message me the following and receive A paypal invoice: email name street city zip
    $30 USD
  2. Impreza Sport 2.0i-L EyeSight (2016)

    Front view Rear view Engine bay Rear roof spoiler and STI logo sticker Rear hatch tail lights and sequential LED rear turn signals Sequential LED front and door mirror turn signals cockpit
  3. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Sense my impreza is a base model it does not have fog lights. However I did find a halo replacement kit on ebay I think would look sick Fit for Subaru Impreza Pair Bumper Fog Light Lamp 30w Halo Replacement 4 inch | eBay . They only problem is that they look semi universal and I don't know how...
  4. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hey all, just thought is share a few pics of my SS3 Yellow fog lights from Diode Dynamics all installed. I've been running LED bulbs in the stock housings with Yellow film and the SS3s blow them away. They have a focused pattern that gives a nice pool of light in front, but where they really...
  5. 2017+ Impreza General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone, I did a quick Light mod to my 19' hatch that I thought I'd share My car didn't come with come with stock fog lights but I decided to add some red halo lights that sit in the same position as where the fogs would be. I was able to find some red halos on ebay that would fit the inner...
1-5 of 5 Results