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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    What’s up guys. This is my third thread about sound deadening, this time I’m getting more specific as I read more off other forums… I was looking into several options to help the drone inside my cabin from my nameless 5” axle back on my CVT. It’s very bad around 2-3k rpm especially on the...
  2. Intake And Exhaust
    Does anyone have specific tips for sound deadening the car for an exhaust. I sold my nameless 5” quad because it was deafening on the inside. I have a base CVT so high load goes into low rpm and the hatchback only magnifies the sound on the interior. Also the base does not have the same sound...
  3. Interior
    Hi All, I'm leasing a 2020 Subaru Impreza Limited Sedan and noticed that the cabin can get quite noisy when going above 50mph. This often forces me to crank up the volume on my speakers when listening to podcasts and/or the news. After researching options, I've come to the conclusion that the...
1-3 of 3 Results