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  1. Swapping Wheels

    2017+ Impreza General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, (this is my first post btw) Hope ya'll are doing well! I recently bought after market wheels for my car and I'm planning to use the tires and TPMS that my car came with and pretty much swapping them to my new aftermarket wheels! my question is will I need to go to the dealership and...
  2. Need help with tire size

    Wheel And Tires
    I am looking at some new wheels and tires for my Impreza. I’m wondering if 235/65/17 would fit on my bone stock Impreza or would I be rubbing and smashing the fender all day? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Biggest tire on stock impreza

    Wheel And Tires
    Im looking at buying some new tires for more side wall for road trips to national forest i want 225 55 17 ltx ms but they are 26.7 in im just seeing if anyone eles runs bigger tires with stock mud flaps on a hatchback sport
  4. New Wheel/tyre decision

    2017+ Impreza General Discussion Forum
    What's up everyone? Im about to buy a new set of wheels and tyres for my '17 Sport with 70k on the clock. The stock 18's are trash for these NY roads. I want Motegi MR141's but, Im having trouble deciding what tyre size will fit without rubbing with a 17... i know the stock 17 size is 205/50r17...