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  1. Interior
    Is the sport shifter assembly a direct plug and play replacement for the shifter assembly found in the base and premium models? i.e will this piece: Directly replace this one? And is anyone aware of the part numbers required for the Sport part? Thanks
  2. 5th Gen Impreza Maintenance & Service
    Hello everyone. My first thread with my 2020 manual Impreza sport hatch with 26k miles. Straight up question, was anyone’s manual transmission fluid low when you checked the dipstick for the first time? I finally found the dipstick for the transmission and when I checked, it was right on the...
  3. 5th Gen Impreza Issues & Problems
    Hey everyone, I accidentally knocked my shifter boot on my cvt and don’t ask how but anyways it can now twist around including the stem going down to the transmission. Can someone help me tighten this back up so it stays straight?
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Has anyone had any experience with adding paddle shifters and the CVT hold feature (fake gear shifting) on a non-sport model? At this point I’m looking to trade her in for a manual or sport, but I’ve already invested so much that it may be worth continuing.
  5. 5th Gen Impreza Issues & Problems
    Hi all, new to the forum. I’m on my third impreza now going from a 2007 > 2013 > 2017. I bought the most recent one a few weeks ago with 40k miles from a Subaru dealer. I started noticing the cvt slip in the 40-60 mph range. Nothing intense but noticeable. I took the car in for unrelated work...
  6. 2017+ Impreza General Discussion Forum
    Was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. My 2017 Impreza sport nearly stalls out on almost any start where I don't give it an excessive amount of gas. If I put the car into the manual mode and use the paddles it works perfectly. Was thinking maybe injectors as the car has 52k miles...
1-6 of 6 Results