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Short version - the 16 and previous windshields will NOT fit a 17. Seems simple enough, right? Somewhere in all the parts numbers and databases it has not been corrected to show this. The 17 windshields show up with the same part #'s as the previous models.

Long version - Had a rock put a crack in the windshield. Reported to insurance. Safelite came to the house. He removed the windshield easily enough. He said he noticed some differences under the cowl, mostly how the metal was welded. He threw down a bead around the windshield opening and placed the glass on the car and within seconds pulled it right back off. Right in the middle along the top the glass was 1/2" short. Back to the van to measure the old one...it slipped out and cracked the other side! Oops. The 17 glass is more straight at the roofline, the 16 glass has a bit of a dip in it at the roofline. Everywhere else it looks identical.

45 minutes of phone calls by the tech and he found out the part # for 16 and 17 are the same which is obviously wrong. If anyone else gets a chip or crack, good luck. Right now the car is in the garage with a sheet over the opening while we wait for another piece of glass in 3-5 days.

I don't care who's fault it is, this stuff always happens in first yr redesigns. Just posting as a FYI in case anyone else needs a new windshield.
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