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Unveiled today at the New York Auto Show was Subaru’s new 2017 Impreza.

The 5th gen Impreza is more than just an updated model, its platform will become the basic foundation for the next generation of vehicles. Subaru’s new Global Platform will be underpinning the next-gen Forester, Liberty, Outback, and any Impreza off-shoots including the five-door hatchback variant.

Not only is the platform scalable, it promises to enhance vehicle safety, ride comfort and agility. High-strength steel is used to improve stability in straight lines and it’s said to have a body structure rigidity increase of over 70%. Compared to the current outgoing Impreza the body is larger with an extended wheelbase, increased overall length and width. Only area that shrunk was the height which has been reduced by a mere 10mm, giving it a lower center of gravity. Paired with the double-wishbone independent rear suspension mount and you have a 50% reduction in body roll.

Powering the Impreza is a revised version of the FB 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Boxer engine with direct injection for a power boost from 148hp to 152hp. Like the 2016 Impreza, the new model will be offered in Base, Premium, Sport and Limited trim but we don’t know which transmission the base model comes with. Subaru was a bit evasive about that by revealing that only “highline trims” will be getting the Lineartronic CVT with a 7-speed manual mode function.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for more info about the transmission which could be released tomorrow or closer to its sale date later this year.
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