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Hi! I have a 2018, Subaru Impreza, Premium Trim, Hatchback.

I have a guy who did my car audio on all previous cars. However, this is the first car I have with a touchscreen unit AND I know there are some sort of complications with Starlink?

My questions:
1. What complications or considerations should the installer be aware of? He's pretty good, but he also isn't an expert on this model. For example, I've heard to put amp extremely high since Subaru rolls down base over 28. Also, something about Starlink?

2. Do I have an amp already? How do I know?

3. Any specs on stock speakers/system for my car? I've literally looked everywhere.

4. New speakers + amp? Or New sub + amp? If I could only pick one?

THANK YOU from a Noob.
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