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Ladies and Gents,

I've recently had to shell out some cash for rim straightening on the 18" sport rims. Tires for them may be in the future due to associated wear while driving on the bent rims.

I am looking for a more durable alternative to last on New York State roads and have read this forum and looked up the compromises of changing tire sizes on both the stock rims and 17" rims.

Stock aspect ratio on the 225R18 tires is 40.
I'd like advise about fitment of a higher aspect ratio tire on the Sport Rims.
What tires will fit without fender rolling or rubbing?

Regarding smaller 17" rims
I'd like to know what OEM rims will safely fit the larger front brake and caliper setup of the Impreza Sport.
I have also looked at Reference guide for car wheel and tire dimensions such as size, offset, PCD and fiddled with their calculator.

I have looked at rims from the following vehicles:

Crosstrek- offset is 55
Forester- offset looks to be 48
WRX pre 2015

I am willing to sacrifice the 1/2 inch of rim width on the smaller rims to get a taller tire for improved protection.
I like the Crosstrek rims the best, and some of the late model Forester rims (2014+)

My vehicle is a daily driver and completely stock. The setup must survive an occasional pothole.

Regards and thank you in advance,

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FWIW, I EASILY fit Subaru 16" alloy wheels for my snow tires on my sport. You can even fit 15" steel wheels (not certain if 15" aluminums fit, though) on the sport, and probably 15" alloys on those models with the stock-model brakes.

BTW, I live in Upstate NY, and have no issues with the 18" wheels. I just pay very close attention to the roads.
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