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Party A decided 0% interest for 63 months was too tempting to pass up. In spite of my initial resistance, we went looking and after a couple weeks, we traded her 2018 Impreza Premium Hatch for a 2020 Limited Hatch. New car is dark blue pearl with oyster leather, and it is a knockout. I had started a thread here yesterday about how worried I was that our new car had been damaged in transit because it seemed to be taking too long to arrive. Our salesman had told us that the car was shipped from the factory on Monday, 6/22, but that didn't happen. Here is the real timeline...

Shipped from Lafayette, IN: Wednesday, 6/24. The truck pulled out at 12:06 am.
Arrived at dealer in NE OH: Thursday, 6/25 at 1:53 pm.
Car prepped and ready for us: Thursday, 6/25 at 6:30 pm.

This is incredibly fast! It was roughly 38 hours from factory to dealer and less than 5 hours more for prep and delivery. And the car is pristine, with absolutely no detectable flaws. We could not be happier.

By the way, if anyone else is interested, it seems that Cassens Trucking handles most of Lafayette's overland delivery east of Iowa. If you know your VIN and your Subaru dealer's 'code, you can log into Cassens Transport Company , select VIN Tracking, and you can see exactly when your car left the factory and when it arrived at your dealer.

Thanks to those who buoyed my spirits with suggestions that prep could take up to three days.

Peace... Mack

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No problem, I knew that these things take time.

Patience is a virtue.

(its a virtue that I don't have but it is a virtue)
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