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After Market Tail lights...

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Hey guys I’m wondering what type of after market tail lights are out there for our Imprezas? Looking for a little bit of a change
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When I tinted my tail lights I played around with the idea of making the inner sections light up. I tried to pull them open using a heat gun but no dice. It looks like the housings are glued. I think I could fit a 194 bulb from the side on the top section, but it doesn't look like there is room on the bottom. I also am not sure on how the light would reflect since it isn't designed to be lit. I have 63k miles on my 18 limited hatch BTW so I don't mind some modifications, but I'd prefer it if I could find some cheap replacement housings to mess with before drilling into mine. If anyone knows where to find some let me know. I plan on looking into this further and will report back if I figure something out. Just found this on a Crosstrek forum http://instagr.am/p/BofsMzTH_m2/ So it has been done, lm not sure about the strips though. Not a fan of the individual diode look. I wonder if these would fit. Should give a cleaner unbroken line look.

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I would like to revive this thread a bit. I was also wondering about this modification. I'm sure you could bake the lens to release the glue as you due with headlights. would make getting a cleaner fit and finish with the lights. Would just then need to re-seal it.
My thought is would it be easier to just tap into the hatch LED for power and just make it an extra brake lights?
I did try that. On headlights it's a butyl material that almost feels like a putty. It gets softer when you heat it up. I tried that with the rear lenses and they didn't budge. They used actual glue not butyl seal. When I tried to pry them open after heating them they started to break. It's either a very strong adhesive or a plastic weld. That lens is fairly brittle.
My plan b was to drill a hole into the side and slide a strip in. The Gap is very narrow and I ended up cracking one of my lenses, thanks super glue. For power I just piggybacked onto the license plate lights. I wasn't really digging the look since it didn't even come close to matching the brightness or color of the tail lights. I'm not sure if I could find a strip that would match, but if I did I think drilling the hole method is the only way.
I made this attempt last February, but was too embarrassed to share it in a post, LOL. I might give it another shot since I'm running out of other stuff to do to the car. I'll post about it if I do unless it looks stupid. In that case I'll wait another year before I show anyone 😝.
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