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I am IT Consultant / Tech Nerd from the suburbs of Phila. I am sure there are plenty
of other techies here too!

I decided I wanted to downsize from my 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium. Since I work
from home now, don't need the great mileage and prefer a smaller car in my old age. The Fusion
was mostly great and I loved getting 40+ mpgs, but the list of fixes and recalls just kept
getting to me. Most recently a recall for the seat belt tentioners that has no fix at this time,
seat belts may not work in a crash - good luck Ford says! So enough of that...

I really should ask a lawyer if I have any recourse on this, probably not.

I drove everything: Kia Niro, Honda Civic, Mazda 3 & CX-3 - all great, but the Subaru is
just a better value overall and had more going for it in every way.

What really sold the car was I did a Proof of Concept consulting project with the Indiana factory
predicting parts usage for the engines produced there. Many of the engine parts (bearings, shims,
etc.) are variably sized and hard to predict. That was fun and my coworker and I each bought
a new car out of that factory!

Look forward to these forums for lots of useful info as I got out of the Ford Fusion forums.
The dealers didn't like me much when I told them about technical service bulletins before
they even knew about it - thanks to the forums!
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