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I have two questions: (1) What circumstances will cause the transmission to automatically return to the “D” position after the driver used the paddle shifters, and (2) how can the driver force the return to the “D” position as quickly and easily as possible after using the paddle shifters?

The following text is from the owner’s manual (7-25 & 7-26):

[For models with manual mode, if one of the shift paddles behind the steering wheel is operated while driving in the “D”position, the transmission will temporarily switch to the manual mode…. In this mode, you can shift into any gear position using the shift paddles…. Once the vehicle speed stabilizes, the transmission will switch from the manual mode back to the “D” position for normal driving.]

For question #1, this description in the owner’s manual is insufficient. For questions #2, it is not answered in the owner’s manual. I am looking for “inside information”, if someone knows how the computer makes the determination to return the car to “D” or someone who has got this all figured out.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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