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A couple month back I realized that my passenger side sun visor in my '17 Impreza Sport Hatch was really loose and had lots of wiggle to it. Last week I popped the cap off of it and realized that the plastic bracket that goes up into the liner/roof had completely split in half. (See pictures)There was no was to repair it as the plug would be too wide for it to fit through and there's so much pressure on that bracket around the post that it would just brake again. After being told the brutally offensive price from my local dealership (located in Idaho) I ordered the new visor online through www.subarupartsdeal.com, saved $30, and replaced it today. Good as new.

However, I noticed that my drivers side was wiggly and a little loose as well. So I popped the cap off and sure enough, it's starting to split in the same spot as the passenger side (see picture). This can't be just a me and my car thing. So be aware of this and be sure to check your car too. Also, don't go to your dealer to get it unless you want to get shafted with the dealer markup plus shipping.
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