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As some of you might know my 2017 Impreza Sport hatch was totaled while it was parked in my parking lot last month.

If not then check out my other thread https://www.impreza5.com/threads/i-just-cant-have-nice-things.14283/#post-150441

So if anyone is interested it trying to purchase it to rebuild or for parts here is the Copart listing : https://www.copart.com/lot/49934519

Some info on the car :

I can tell you the most of the cost to repair it ( from the body shops estimate ) was due to glass damage.
The glass left a bunch of tiny scrapes and scratches on the interior plastics and some larger one's to the fenders / hood / roof that would have required the body shop to replace most of the interior plastics and re-paint most of the car to put it back to " pre-collision " condition. They even wanted to replace the 8" Infotainment radio ( $1,200 ) due to a very small scratch to the screen from the flying glass that got into the car. They also Wanted to replace the Steering wheel and steering wheel airbag because they also suffered small scratches from the flying glass ( I don't remember the exact cost but it was over $1,000 ).
The replacement door they quoted a used one for around $750
Then they quoted my insurance company 35 Hour of labor time as well. Hence why it was totaled.
I was temped to buy it back but I do not have the means or space ( I live in an apartment complex ) to store it and repair it myself so that is unfortunately not an option for me.

I really did like the car and would love to see someone on the forums buy it and repair it and put it back onto the road. It would really stink to see it go to some auto recycler to be gutted for parts.

It has 6,076 miles on it and I changed the oil every 6 months so it is on it's third oil change already but is due for it's 4th.
I always avoided pot holes and parked it in the back of parking lots so before the accident it was absolutely mint.
The factory battery crapped out on me 2 months ago so it has an almost brand new Autocraft gold Battery in it. I also had warped the front rotors so I put brand new Centric Premium on the front of it like 2 weeks before the accident

I has the Harmon Kardon upgraded 8 speaker radio with the amp. It also has A Moon Roof and Auto-dimming mirrors with welcome Lighting. It also has the cargo liner and OEM Subaru remote starter. It also has eyesight and blind spot with cross traffic alert.
I gave all four of the fobs ( 2 keys, 2 remote start ) to the insurance company so it should hopefully still have them.

So if you have the space / time / means to buy it and fix it then bid away. It is a shame that I don't.

It is located in the Copart yard in BERLIN Connecticut.
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