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Custom floor mats

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I just picked up some custom floor mats from Costco for our new Impreza. They are branded Phantom but are made by Tux-Mats. They come with a lifetime warranty, carry the same SKU and ship from the same factory. They're $50 cheaper! I had never heard of Tux-mats before but found out quickly reading dozens of review that they are now "the ones to beat". We have Weathertechs on our two year old Legacy and after a few years exposed to Canadian winters, the edges are curling up. We're going to replace them next. With the Phantom (Tux-mats), the entire carpet areas on the floor pan get covered. I have to say, or anyone who lives in muddy or snowy areas, they are incredible. SKU for the Impreza is #8335 or #8336. One is for the Crosstrek while the other is for the Impreza. I emailed Tux-Mat and they indicate they are identical products.
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I have these, they are the best mats for our car.
Looks good! I usually get Weathertechs or Husky mats for my cars. My daughter's Impreza came with the winter mats already so I never bought her some. I actually didn't like the Weathertechs in my current bmw and bought SmartLiners for them. They're full coverage like the Tuxmats
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