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If you live anywhere with moderate snowfall and lots of salt spray in the winter time, you know how quickly the rear camera can get covered in dirt and grime. Luckily, Subaru Europe offers an accessory to help clean it from the convenience of the drivers seat by actuating the rear windshield washer.

This DIY details how to install the Subaru Europe accessory SEBLFL9000 "Rear View Camera Cleaner". This kit can be difficult to source if you are based in the United States; it took myself a couple months to track one down from Germany. However, your own kit could be pieced together with various OEM components from other makes/models/years and this can serve as a guide for those who wish to venture down that path.

This accessory kit is only applicable for hatchback models.


Time estimated: 1-2 hours

**Note: Drilling required

Parts Included:

Wood Font Hardwood Wood stain Electrical wiring

1. Adhesive-backed hose retainers (x10)
2. Short Hose (3/16in ID)
3. Long Hose (1/8in ID)
4. Spray Nozzle
5. Grommet
6. Hose Adapter (3/16in to 1/8in)
7. Hose T-adapter
8. Zip ties (x3)

Tools Required:
  • Plastic Prying tools
  • Interior Clip Removers
  • 1Ph Phillips Screwdriver
  • 8mm Deep Socket w/ Long Extension
  • 1/4" Ratchet
  • Center punch
  • 23/64 Drill Bit w/ Drill
  • Dremel tool or File
  • Flush cutters
  • Touch-up Paint of your vehicle color


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1. Remove the upper trim piece on the hatch liftgate. There are four tabs moulded to the piece that snap into clips on the liftgate itself. Pry at these locations.
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2. Remove the two pillar trim pieces on the liftgate. There are tabs moulded similar to the upper trim piece that snap in indicated by the arrows. Pry at these locations.

3. Using your 1Ph Screwdriver, remove the clips circle on each side by unscrewing the center section and pulling the clip out.

4. Remove the lower trim piece. It is retained by many push clips. Work around the edge by slowly pulling and it will pop out. Take note that there are some push clips in the center section of it as well.
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5. Apply tape to your liftgate latch. You will be unable to open your hatch in subsequent steps. This prevents the hatch from latching in the event it is fully closed.

6. Unplug the brown connector for the liftgate release button.
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7. Remove the four 8mm flanged hex nuts using a deep 8mm socket, marked by the four red arrows. Two are located in the center near the rear wiper motor. The remaining two are located on the LH and RH sides of the hatch (facing rear) with two openings to access them.

8. Push the grommet for the liftgate release button through the hatch, circled in green, towards the rear of the car.

9. Gently close the hatch, with the tape you applied on the latch in step 5, so that it is resting in a closed position.

10. From the outside of the vehicle, pull the garnish straight back using the two cutaways boxed in orange. This will release the two blue clips circled in red. Be careful not to snag the liftgate release handle cable when pulling.
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Note: The next two steps can be made easier with the use of a helper to hold the liftgate up so it is perpendicular to the ground while you are drilling/marking.

11. Center mark the location where you will be drilling the hole for the hose grommet. The drill location is between the grommet for the liftgate release handle cable and one of the studs for the rear garnish. If you are lucky, you would receive a drilling template with your kit. However, I was not but I was able to approximate where it should be located the best I could.

12. Step drill up to 23/64" hole diameter. A piece of masking tape applied over the hole can help prevent the paint from chipping. Note: The sheet metal is thin here, so apply light pressure while drilling.

13. Apply a coat of touch-up paint to the bare metal.

14. Once the touch-up paint is applied and dry, install the rear grommet provided in the kit.
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15. Install the rear nozzle supplied in the kit. Clean and dry the camera of any dirt/debris. Remove the double sided adhesive from the bottom and apply it firmly to the camera so that it is secure. The notches on the nozzle should be placed flush in front of the notch groove on the rear camera. I installed one of the supplied zip ties in this groove around the base of the nozzle, under the actual nozzle itself, as an extra precaution.

16. Cut a slot for the washer nozzle in the bottom of the garnish. I used a dremel tool with a cylindrical carbide burr tool, but a round needle file could work here as well. Cut approximately to the flash line on the garnish. I suggest taking this in steps and test fitting as you go to get the best result. I removed the two teal clips in the garnish to make this step easier. Touch-up paint is not necessary, however it completes the look.
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17. Open the rear hatch. At the top towards the third brake light, locate the junction piece for the upper rear washer tubing.

18. Disconnect this junction. Little to no washer fluid should exit the hoses when removing this piece, but keep some paper towels handy as a precaution.

19. Install the T-adapter supplied in the kit. Orient it in an upside-down "Y" shape, and re-connect the two sections of hose. Push firmly until they are both seated. Lubricate with washer fluid if necessary.

20. Install the short 3/16in ID hose supplied in the kit to the other end of the adapter. Install the hose size adapter supplied in the kit to the other end of the hose. Push firm until it is fully seated. Lubricate with washer fluid if necessary.

21. Using a supplied zip tie in the kit, wrap it around the center section of the adapter and behind the clip for brake light wiring harness. Do not fully tighten.

22. Install one end of the long section of tubing (1/8in ID) to the other end of the adapter. Lubricate with washer fluid if necessary. Fully tighten and secure the zip tie. Clip the excess strand off the zip tie.
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23. Apply two of the self-adhesive clips as shown to the top of the hatch. Apply with the clip opening facing up. Slide the tubing into place. Wrap a zip tie around the wire harness and the washer tubing as indicated by the green arrow.

24. Apply two clips along the RH pillar of the hatch. Apply with the clip opening facing up. Slide the tubing into place.

25. Apply three clips along the RH side of the rear hatch. Apply with the clip opening facing down. Slide the tubing into place.

26. Apply two clips along the back center of the rear hatch. Apply with the clip opening facing down. Slide the tubing into place.

27. Feed the tubing through the grommet.

28. Attach the tubing to the washer nozzle. Slide so it is fully seated. Leave enough slack so there are no kinks in the tubing, but also be careful not to leave too much tubing so it interferes with the garnish when reinstalled.



29. Reinstall the rear garnish. Reinstall the teal clips if you removed them to test fit. Start first by seating the grommet for the liftgate release handle. Align the four studs on the garnish and push to seat the garnish into place.

30. Reinstall and tighten the four 8mm flanged hex nuts on the garnish studs.

31. Reconnect the brown connectors for the liftgate release handle.

32. Remove the tape from your rear latch. Test to ensure that it functions properly.

33. Reinstall the rear hatch trim. This can be aided with a helper. Align the push pins with the holes on the hatch and press firmly to seat it. Reinstall the two corner Phillips head clips of the trim near each pillar. Press into place and screw to tighten.

34. Rear install the pillar trims. Be careful of your tubing on the RH so that it does not interfere with the clips/installation.

35. Reinstall the upper hatch trim piece.


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Enjoy your new camera cleaning experience.

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This is pretty cool, but did you know a little trick is if you use the OEM (Back Windows blade) washer and hold it down for abit the water does wash the camera just a little FYI.
In my personal experience, I never had any luck with this unless it involves holding the washer for an extended period of time (>10 seconds) -- and even then with only moderate debris (e.g. dust). This method is much quicker, as it is a powered jet spraying directly onto the camera, and uses much less fluid. Not to mention, where I am from, the rear of my hatch is covered in caked-on salt/sleet/mud for six months out of the year -- water dripping down from the rear glass washer would not have enough pressure to clear the camera of debris.
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Washer in action
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Before and after from the Subaru Europe catalog (pg 17)

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I have noticed a rattle in the rear hatch area after installing this kit that I attribute to the hose or cable harness moving about. Today I put some adhesive-backed foam at the top near the hose T-adapter to mitigate this issue which has seemed to help.
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