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I have found the rear hatch light that is equipped standard on these cars to be lackluster at best, both in it's location and light output. There are many posts on Crosstrek and Impreza forums alike detailing how to install a home-designed setup to help with this issue. Personally, I have found most of these setups not for me in terms of the fit (however function looks great). As it turns out, Subaru Japan offers an accessory kit that increases the rear cargo area light. While pricey for what it is, this kit has an OEM-like feel to it with a perfect fit/finish, so I decided to pursue this route.

This DIY details how to install the Subaru Japan accessory H4617FL001 "Rear Hatch Light". I acquired my kit directly from Japan as it was significantly cheaper to import myself than purchase from domestic sellers. The kit does not come with instructions, and as a result, I hope this DIY is able to help guide those through the process of installing this kit themselves. The instructions in this guide can serve as a template for those who wish to build their own kit as well, as the basics behind the wiring and setup will be explained (just using the provided kit components).

This accessory kit is only applicable for hatchback models.


Time estimated: 2-3 hours

Parts included:

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1. LH Pillar w/ integrated LED and Switch
2. RH Pillar w/ integrated LED
3. "Harness A" Cargo Light splitter harness
4. "Harness B" Pillar LED harness
5. Adhesive-backed foam strips (x7)
6. Zip ties (x10)

Tools Required:
  • Plastic prying tools
  • Interior clip removers
  • 2Ph Phillips screwdriver
  • 1/8" Flathead screwdriver
  • 10mm Socket
  • 1/4" Ratchet
  • 10mm wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Small diagonal cutters
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape

Wiring Diagram:
Rectangle Slope Schematic Parallel Font



1. Disconnect the ground terminal from the battery using the 10mm wrench. Place the ground harness off to the side where it will not make contact with the battery.
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2. Open the rear hatch. Remove the upper trim piece on the hatch liftgate. There are four tabs moulded to the piece that snap into clips on the liftgate itself. Pry at these locations.

3. Remove the LH and RH pillar trim pieces. There are tabs moulded similar to the upper trim piece that snap in as indicated by the arrows. Pry at these locations.

4. Fold both rear seats down and remove the rear trunk floor liner by lifting it up and out of the compartment.
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5. Remove the clips holding the foam supports for the trunk liner in place. An interior trim clip tool works good on these, as they are hard to remove. On clip on the RH side is hidden underneath the jack handle.

6. Remove the two-piece clips as indicated by the red arrows (image shown). Pull the top section up on the clip, and then remove the second section following.

7. Pry directly upwards on the lower rear trim piece as indicated by the orange arrows to release the clips.

8. Remove the LH floor plastic piece but prying up as indicated at the circles. Pull it to the right as indicated by the yellow arrow, while pulling up to disengage the remaining rear clips.

9. Remove the four Phillips head screws as shown by the arrows. Two of the screws are secured behind tie-down hooks. After removing the screws, pull the hooks straight back to release.

10. Flip the metal latch down. Using a trim tool, pry the plastic center downward to reveal the 10mm bolt. Remove the 10mm bolt and remove the latch assembly.

11. Pull the entire trim panel (both upper and lower sections) towards the RH side of the vehicle to release the tabs. The intent here is not to remove the entire panel, but just to release the clips closest to the hatch to give ample working area. I pulled and set the panel down until there was a 6-8" gap between the trim panel and the body.
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12. Remove the LH wiring harness grommets from the body by pulling them out. Using a fine blade flathead screwdriver, release the tabs on the white circular clip as indicated by the orange arrows. Pull up on this clip and let it float, as this will aid in re-installation. Note the orientation of this clip and its grommet, as these are clocked components.

13. Using a utility knife, cut the electrical tape from the rear washer hose along the dotted line as shown. Complete remove the tape from the clips once cut. Remove the washer hose from the hose adapter as indicated by the orange arrow.
Note: This image may appear slightly different for you, as a I have the Rear Camera Washer accessory installed, which has an additional washer hose. This guide is unaffected by this accessory.

14. Pull the washer hose through this hole and out the grommet.

15. Carefully cut the electrical tape along the dotted line using a utility knife around the hose and grommet. Do not slice into the hose during this step. Fully remove the electrical tape from the two pieces after the tape is cut.

16. Push the washer hose in through the rubber tube and out fully. This is to make room to slide the wiring harness through this piece.

17. Unplug the cargo light connector from the existing cargo light. Using the Cargo Light Splitter Harness (kit component #3), plug the connector with the green and pink wires on the harness into the original cargo light connector. Plug the other grey connector into the cargo light.
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18. Feed the remaining small white connector through the body and out the white circular clip.

19. Feed this section of the harness through the grommet tube and out the other side. This can be pretty tricky, and I found it works best by keeping the tube straight and pulling the tube over the connector itself.

20. Feed the washer hose back through grommets and out through the body. Remove the clips as indicated by the red arrows. Push the clip retainers through the areas circled in yellow, and fully release the clip with a small flathead screwdriver onto the clip (as it is pushed out) as indicated by the orange arrows. Repeat for the other side of the clip.

Ensure there is enough slack in this assembly to prevent any tearing/catching. Each cable/hose should be relatively loose at each end and not caught/stuck at any point. Test this by opening/closing the hatch carefully.

21. Feed the harness through the same body hole as the washer hose. Using the Pillar LED Harness (kit component #4), plug the grey/blue connector (red) into the splitter harness connector (the connector fed through the body from the cargo light).

Using the LH Pillar w/ integrated LED and plug the red/white connector into the red/grey connector of the splitter harness (orange) and the red/black connector into the red/blue connector of the splitter harness (yellow).

Wrap each connector with the provided adhesive-backed foam; cut to size using scissors.

22. Secure the splitter harness connector to the body.

23. Snap the LH trim piece into place, starting with the clip closest to the rear hatch piece and moving subsequently towards the front of the vehicle with each remaining clip. Be careful to note the existing locations of the wiring so it does not get pinched in this process. Ensure the LED harness is exiting the trim piece near where the washer hose is located.

24. Reapply the electrical tape to the clips and washer hose as in step 13. Snap the clips into their respective holes.

Feed the wire harness through the body holes from left to right, as shown in orange.
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25. Wrap the harness in foam strips to avoid rattles and scrapping along the sheet metal edges.

26. Cable tie the harnesses together as indicated by the red arrow. Feed the LED harness into the existing clip as shown by the two red arrows. Optional: If the camera washer accessory is installed, feed the harness into the clip as shown by the orange arrow.

27. Using the RH LED trim piece, connect the harness connector to the LED connector. Wrap in adhesive foam to prevent rattles. Reinstall trim piece the same as done to the LH piece in step 23.
Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Fixture

28. Using the remaining adhesive-backed foam, wrap the connector and fuse piece of the splitter harness in foam to prevent rattles.

29. Using the existing clip in the cargo area, secure the harness into it.



30. Reinstall the two grommet pieces. Start by installing the upper grommet by seating the middle groove along the body hole. Next, install the lower grommet into the white clip first. The lower grommet is clocked, take note of its orienation as it can only be seated one way. The lower grommet should be perfectly circular when installed correctly. Press the entire assembly back into the body of the vehicle once complete.

31. Carefully press the upper hatch trim piece back into place, avoiding snagging any wiring/tubing.

32. Reinstall the LH trim assembly by reseating the snap clips into their respective holes by pressing them firmly into place.

33. Reinstall the four Phillips head screws, respective tie down clips, and 10mm bolt/latch assembly as shown in steps 9 and 10.

34. Press the LH plastic floor piece back into place.

35. Reinstall the rear hatch lower trim piece by first pressing it and it's six clips into place, and then securing with the two two-piece clips. Start by installing the lower clip piece first by placing it flat into the hole and then installing the upper piece of the clip into it.

36. Reinstall the foam floor supports and their four clips by pressing into place.

37. Reinstall your cargo floor liner.

38. Carefully press the upper hatch trim piece back into place, avoiding snagging any wiring/tubing.

39. Reconnect your battery.

Car Vehicle Hood Light Trunk

And that is it. I hope this guide was able to help you install your own hatch light kit and hopefully allow you see your cargo area better at night time.

I leave my hatch light kit in the "ON" position at all times. Since it is tied into the cargo light, they turn off once the door is shut.

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Perfect write up if I had to say - may I ask though - that trunk liner doesn't seem like an OEM or 'standard aftermarket' liner, what is it?
Yes, factory cargo mat from Subaru Japan. I have created a thread here detailing about the mat itself, and in case anyone wants to have a discussion about the mat separately.
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