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2019 Impreza 5 dr. auto, limited
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Hey all,

I recently made my own muffler delete for my 5-door for ~$50-60 (plus tax and shipping) based upon the one offered by Nameless Performance. My initial intention was to see how the stock Impreza would sound like with a muffler delete for a lower cost than purchasing one. So that if I didn't care for the sound, I wouldn't feel bad for cutting it up to add a muffler or replacing it back to exhaust. Stainless steel would be a much better overall product without having to worry about rust (depending upon what stainless steel grade used), but I chose to do mine in steel because I only had mild steel fluxcore wire for my welder. It sounds exactly as if you just unbolted it at the axle back flange.

The factory exhaust flange at the rear axle uses a 2-bolt, 4.00" flange with 2.25" OD pipe coming into the axle back. The factory exhaust hangers are 3/8" diameter and can easily be removed from the rubber hangers using a little bit of WD-40.

The parts that I used:
AP Exhaust Flanges 9140 - $5.99
Walker Exhaust Hangers 35780 - $2.49ea (need 3)
Summit Racing® Exhaust Tubing Mandrel Bends SUM-623031 - $21.99
Summit Racing® Exhaust Tubing SUM-640022-1 - $12.99
Total cost: $48.44 (plus sales tax and shipping)
I also painted it with VHT FlameProof Coatings SP102 ($10.99) to prevent it from rusting. The pipe and bends are aluminized, but the weld and surrounding area will rust if not coated.

To build:
1. Mark out the middle of the U-bend on the exhaust mandrel U-bend. Cut the bend in half with an angle grinder, hack saw, band saw, etc.

2. Take the straight piece of exhaust tubing, mark it off at 6-1/8" and cut the section off.

3. Tack weld the straight section to the long straight end of one of the mandrel bends.

4. Bolt the new flange to the existing flange, then test out half the U-bend up to the flange. Level it out best you can (I used multiple layers of blue masking tape taped to the factory heat shield), and with a sharpie, mark out where the flange and the 90* U-bend match up.

5. Take the second 90* piece of the U-bend, match up the straight end with the straight tube, rotate to desired tailpipe angle. Mark a line across the cut/gap to retain the correct orientation.

6. Unbolt flange, take to the bench, and tack weld everything together. (Because the mandrel bend isn't flared, I had to build up tacks to center the mandrel bend in the new flange)

7. Bolt back up to the factory flange to check fitment.

8. Install new hangers into the factory rubber hangers. Adjust the exhaust to correct height so it's not sagging and weighing down on the hangers for the center pipe. Tack weld hangers into place.

9. Take back to the bench, weld everything into place.

10. Remove any spatter, & finishing work, grind/brush/wire wheel whatever is needed. Paint.

11. Reinstall muffler delete and enjoy.


2019 Impreza 5 dr. auto, limited
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Thanks, I know it may not last as long since it's plain steel and not stainless. For my first time actually doing an axleback like this, I think it looks pretty good, sounds good, and does the job well with being a fraction of the cost of an aftermarket one. I'm really happy with how well the fitment turned out. Slips right into the factory hangers without any trouble.

If ya got the tools and the time, why not give it a whirl in doing it yourself.
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