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I removed the 16mm stock rear anti-sway bar from my 2015 Forester Limited and installed a 20mm bar that I purchased used off of a 2015 WRX. If you drive a similar year base Impreza that did not come standard with an anti-sway bar then the 16mm will make a nice handling difference in your car without affecting the ride.

The 16mm Subaru branded anti-sway bar comes with the end links already installed and is an easy bolt-on upgrade for your base Impreza. There are several DIY videos on youtube that guide you in your installation. You don't even need a jack.

Price: $30 including both end links + shipping from 27215 in North Carolina. I use PayPal.
You will need two mounting bolts/nuts and two bushing brackets which are not included but available from any auto parts store.
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