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I would like to sell these together.
$650+Shipping or Local Pick-up Detroit Metro Area

E4010FL000 STI Flexible Strut Tower. Impreza (all 5th gen)

When I had it installed, I was amazed with the cornering. It was noticeably better then the Sport stock Suspension (which by itself is good).
I have new bolts and measuring template, you can find instruction online like I did.
$250+ shipping or local Detroit area.
ST20118GH000 STI Flexible Draw Stiffener
Here is a JDM STI.jp part I Imported. the instructions are in Japanese, but if you can install by the use of pictures and numbers like I did, you will enjoy. The car tighten up, less roll and steering response was phenomenal. It is to be used in conjunction with the strut brace not by itself. Again from my experience it was like it was on a rail in every corner. I don't buy in to ads but that sight has accurate descriptions of their products.
$500+ shipping or local Detroit area.

IMG_0003.jpg IMG_0002.jpeg IMG_0003.jpg IMG_0021.jpg

ST20118GH000 STI Flexible Draw Stiffener IMG_0005.jpeg IMG_0006.jpg IMG_0007.jpeg IMG_0008.jpeg
If I installed it, you can, too. no YEN conversion or waiting 3 week for shipping! check it out.

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I will sell separately, as a reminder STI states must be paired with flexible brace.
Shipping this draw stiffer from Japan (the only place) to get it cost money. If one buys RETAIL it is more than $400. eBay/Amazon has it for $750, Also the currency of dollars to yen fluctuates.

Good luck getting it for less. Although you can get it like I did for more than $400. Emailing japan, sending PayPal or credit card money over seas. Fraud alerts, etc. I’m just being real.

shipping large flat rate box U.S. only for draw stiffner only. Free (a $20 value)
shipping cost by weight because of size of flexible brace
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