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Hey fellow 5th Gen owners!

First post on this forum but I'm no stranger to some of the annoying problems that our cars develop over time. I had a new one yesterday - driving along, music blasting when all of a sudden... nothing. The audio cut out completely - not even the radio would play sound.

I have a 2019 Impreza Sport Tech - 27,000 kms, upgraded Harmon/Kardon audio system.

I tried the typical turn the car off, let it sit, turn it back on - no resolution. I reset the head unit, again, no change. I checked the 2 audio fuses both under the dash (15A) and under the hood (20A) - both were still intact. For good measure, I changed both fuses - this still didn't fix the problem.

I read up on a similar issue posted on a late model outback forum yesterday suggesting that the sound system amplifier should be unplugged, given about 15-20 seconds and then plugged back in. The location of the amp is under the passenger seat. You will only need to disconnect the small wiring loom closest to the passenger door sill with the car completely shut off. With the seat slid back as far as it goes, access is a dream.

I tried it out and to my surprise - it worked like a charm. Hopefully this helps out anyone dealing with the same annoying issue - time will tell if this is a bandaid solution or a permanent fix. It's going into the dealer for a service next week so we'll see what they say.

Let me know if any of you fine folks have had similar experiences!
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