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Finally got my UEL headers and HFC pipe from Rallisport and will be installing them this week!
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How long did it take from order date?
5 months on the waitlist, 4 weeks to make them, ceramic coat, and ship. They arrive today!
Super stoked for you, keep us updated with the install process / sound clips! Personally have been doing an internal debate on which headers to buy, the Rallisport or Inferno Fab ones
Install was easy, in an out in 2 hours. There are 6 14mm bolts holding in the headers, 3 each side. There’s a 10mm bolt connected to a metal safety rope to hold the headers from dropping on you.

Theres a 14mm bolt holding the headers on a metal hanger around the back of the front wheel area, you’ll see it only when under the car.

Then finally the 2 12+14mm nut and spring bolt connecting the midpipe.

You’ll want the following tools

Breaker Bar
Torque Wrench
Multiple Socket Extensions for header nuts
8/10/12/14/18mm Sockets
2 Socket Wrenches
02 Sensor Wrench (Amazon)
Flat Head Screwdriver for popping off pop rivets
Electric Wrench (made my life easier but optional)

On the install itself, you’ll want to unplug the 02 sensors before taking the headers off, and once off you’ll want to take the white O2 sensor and pull the plug off the body so it’s doesn’t pull on it when you reinstall.

Other than that it was straight forward. Enjoy the few vids on my Instagram! @un_imprezed
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