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My brother just got a 2017 Impreza so I decided to join here to stay in the loop on what's new.

It's a Premium 4 door with EyeSight package #13 in Island Blue. Don't have any pics of it at the moment.

I've done a few little upgrades for him, the first and most significant being I put an LED strip from superbrightleds.com in the trunk, replacing the dinky wedge bulb that hardly lit up anything. Now it's nice and bright, even lights up the ground behind the trunk as well.

Also threw some LEDs in the license plate lights and have some on order for reverse and tail lights. I still can't get over how they use 1 tiny 5w wedge bulb for the sidemarker and entire tail light. 2017 Foresters are the same way.

Next were lights up front. My dad has quite the collection of bulbs leftover from past vehicles. Found some H9s which I modified to fit in the H11 low beam location, look up the thread on subaruoutback.org for some good info on it. Makes a huge difference, a plain old H11 puts out 1350 lumens while an H9 is 2100. They are 65w vs stock 55w but factory wiring is more than capable of handling it and I have yet to hear of someone melting a housing as they don't run too much hotter. It's a fairly common mod if you google it.
Put set of Silverstar Ultras in the high beams and PIAA somethingorothers in the fogs. I would have been more choosy with bulbs but these were technically free so no complaints. Low beams definitely saw the biggest gain, I highly recommend the H9 upgrade.

Aside from these minor things it won't be seeing much modification, he's not much of a car person like myself. I drive a tastefully modified 2015 Legacy:wink2:
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