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I have been asked about my cargo mat a couple of times since posting pictures of my rear hatch open, so I figured I would share what it is and how to obtain one yourself.

This is the cargo mat accessory offered in Japan for the Impreza Sport (hatchback, shown pictured) and Impreza G4 (sedan).

Part Numbers:
  • Hatch: J5017FL253
  • Sedan: J5017FL230
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Product Hood Bumper

I imported one myself from Japan and have installed it in my base-model hatchback as a nice "summertime" cargo mat. The mat itself is very plush, and provides ample grip in my opinion (for a carpeted mat) with the varying texture grades. The fit is perfect, with little to no gaps along the interior trim pieces. I think overall, it looks great and helps set apart the interior.

Installation is quite simple, as it sits above the trunk liner as any other mat would.

See some photos below.
Wood Font Gas Number Beige

Wood Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood Denim

Wood Sleeve Automotive tire Grey Rectangle

Wood Automotive tire Grey Flooring Floor

Blue Hood Light Car Trunk

Car Hood Trunk Vehicle Motor vehicle
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