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They are asking for the price of $16,500and it has 39000 Miles with a Salvage Title. Is it worth it or not?
All I can say is that in 2018, I bought a "salvage title" 2017 with under 5,000 miles on it for around $16K.

I believe it was a brand-new car sitting on a dealers lot when it was deemed 'flooded'. The floor-mats were still in their factory plastic shipping wrap. Several other 'hints' suggested it was an un-sold brand new car.

I bought it at local independent (not Subie ) dealer who SPECIALIZES in flood-recovery vehicles. (Travels all over nation to bring back auction vehicles)

Just turned over 40K miles and needed 2 rear wheel bearings (flood-recovery vehicles often need wheel-bearings prematurely... depends on how deep the water got)

I feel that I STILL came out ahead cost-wise even with the wheel-bearing replacement... heck, I have already driven it 4 years and 35K miles replacing only oil and brakes.

At the time I bought it, brand-new 2017s from local Subie dealer were about $19K. The way I look at it is that I gave up the security of a warantee and saved $3k. (I can fix a LOT of things for $3k)
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