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Hey guys, and gals, just saying hey,

I got myself a new Impreza 2017, 2.0i hatchback (base model) went with least amount of electronics possible.
Bought this one because I killed a transmission on my 2003 Model; but am still going to replace it, and keep it, love that car.
So, will post in appropriate forums on the topics I am searching answers for, but if anyone can point me in a right direction here, I would appreciate it:

What I have done:
  • Tint,
  • Installed Blackview Front & Rear driving cameras,
  • Painted the hubcaps to steel-grey to match the body (I hate chrome),
  • Rally Armor Mudflaps.
  • DIY front license plate delete & installed Side/Tow Hook License Plate.

What I really need to do:

(This causes me the most annoyance, I live in a city and have to use it a few times, its like I dont exist! Must have HELLA!)
I do hate the stock horn, it's worse than anything I have heard - even my 2003 has more wooph; so I ordered a pair of Hella Sharptones, and would like to put them in. If someone has a pictures of the stock Horn Connector, or knows of a thread where someone installed HELLA Horns on a Base 2017 Model, I would be grateful for the heads up.

I want to replace the stock "stick" antenna with a "shark fin" type - any pointers would be awesome.

DIY Rear Seat Back Protectors, figured probably an easy addition to what I want to do with the car. :)

Waiting for a word from Paul Ekund from Primitive on a MY 2017/2018 Impreza Skidplates (Front, and Rear Diff) they saved my butt a few times on my 2003 Impreza and my 2001 Foz, best money I ever spent on protection gear. As soon as they are available I will buy a set for my 2017.

Replace Rear (in front of rear wheels) splash guards with a bit longer DIY ones. Just need to find correct material.

Paint out/dechrome the grill, aftermarket options are stupidly overpriced at the moment. And as long as I can do it myself, I can live with it until prices come down a bit.

Aftermarket Fog Light Kit (before Winter hits)

Winter tires for stock 16" Rims, and New Set of 17" or 18" for the Summer/Next year.

That's about it for my plans :)

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Welcome, Care to take a few pics of the car? Especially the license plate and the brand/link you used? What country is your car from that it has a metal antenna? I thought they were all shark fin?

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Welcome! Sounds like you have a lot planned. Post pictures along the way with your progress.

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Welcome - glad to hear what you have planned!
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