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2022 Impreza Sport Hatchback 5MT Ocean Blue (on order)
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Hey everyone, I just put in an order on a 2022 Impreza Sport Hatchback. A funny story, the whole thing. With my previous lease term ending in March, I'd been working on sourcing a new 2022 Honda Civic hatchback to replace it. I started approaching dealers in June, and soon discovered there's basically no direct way to "request" a Honda in a specific build; dealers have a limited amount of control over how their allocation gets applied. I watched cars.com since the hatchbacks started rolling out, and every one either already had a deposit down before it listed, or dealers were demanding $2k-5k over MSRP.

I assumed I was in for a long haul of months or years before I could get my hands on the car. Then this Monday, I decided to look around at what other models were in the area with manual transmission. There was a slew of Jettas, and while I've owned Jettas in the past (1984 and 2004) the current VW product line is not my thing - although if they were currently selling Golfs I might well have ended up with one.

The other car with listings was the Impreza. I talked to a dealer with a car listed, and they said it'd been sold already, but the next words out of their email-typing fingers were, "we are currently taking orders on 2022 Imprezas, would you like to order one?" This being exactly what I tried and failed with Honda.

48 hours later I signed the papers on the new Impreza. It'll be my first Subie, first AWD vehicle, and first time ordering a new car. My current car was my first time in a new car, a Kia Forte off the lot.

Past vehicles, in order of acquisition:
1984 VW Jetta GLI (finally scrapped at around 240k miles)
1992 Ford Tempo GL (hand-me-down from grandma)
2006 Toyota Sienna LE (still going strong)
2007 Honda Fit Sport
2004 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T
2003 Honda S2000
2006 Toyota Prius
2019 Kia Forte LXS

Looking forward to talking with y'all on the forums and seeing how many of the Subaru owner stereotypes I end up fitting!
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