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For Sale

Orig Subaru Foglight Kit (Brandnew)

2x Orig Subaru Foglight Lens
2x Orif Subaru Foglight Bezel
Orig Subaru (Clips, Bolts&Nuts)
Orig Subra Relay(Not for Sport Trim)
Aftermarket Subispeed Wirings and Relay

1. This Foglight Kit Originally comes with Foglight Switch but its missing so i will include aftermarket subispeed wirings and relay.
2. It will work on Sport trim model since this kit comes with aftermarket wirings and relay.
3. It was purchased May 16 2017. This is just my spare Foglight Kit.

Price: $240.00 Shipped(Anywhere in the US)
Contact Number: 518-477-0511
This is the best deal for a foglight kit

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