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We have an ornamental pond in our back yard, and today was put pond to bed for winter day. Our younger son always assists, and when we finished - after many hours of hard, dirty, wet work - we tackled the task of adding paddle shifter extensions to my gen 5 Impreza. (He drives a tricked out early Rex.) I looked a lot of places, and finally decided on extensions from Subispeed. Each of the extensions has 4 set screws, with little points on them. Yes, they dig into the paddles a bit. Such is life. The design and fit is excellent, and I decided to try installing them myself, the other day. I did not have much success, even after watching videos on Subispeed's web site. I checked out YouTube, also.

Most of the videos commented on the difficult installation, as the extensions are hard to hold in place, while one attempts to use a too short allen wrench, which is supplied. The wiper control stalk, the turn signal stalk, and the spokes of the steering wheel make for a frustrating experience. On my first try, a few days ago, I gave up after about 20 minutes, when the right extension I had been working on fell off on the floor. I don't think I was in the right mood, as my car had been hit by another driver in a hospital parking lot that day.

And so today, when we finished with the pond, our son began what I hoped would be a successful task. Clever guy. He moved the steering wheel so that he was always working around 12:00 on the wheel, rather than moving his body into contortionist positions, to use the too short allen wrench. He also checked precisely where the screws were entering the paddles, to ensure little damage. In 15 minutes, he finished the job, checking for decent, but not too much torque, tightness, overall feel, etc.

I felt a bit chagrined, and I told myself it was that accident in the parking lot that caused me not to be able to do the job, the first time. That is my story and I am sticking to it. It did not hurt that our son is a card carrying, rubber stamped master technician on a few car brands. It is a pleasure watching someone work, who knows precisely what he or she is doing.

All is well with the extensions. Subiespeed makes a fine product, and even though our beloved 'seven speed' CVT is not a transmission that cries out for shifter extensions, I like them, and they do precisely what they are supposed to do. And they look cool, also.
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