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They say if you don't learn history, you're doomed to repeat it.
Several years ago, Ford introduced new models with the MyFord infotainmnet system. By all accounts, it sucked.
Ford saw a huge drop in their Initial Quality Survey (IQS) ratings and their perception in the minds of consumers.
After fighting the problems (and watching sales decline), Ford dropped MyFord and launched their SYNC system on different hardware and software. Then Ford quality rating started going up, for 2017 they are #2 among non-premium brands.
"The data was very strong: The customers wanted the technology; they just wanted it to work," he (Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of global operations) said last week. "Instead of backing off on the penetration rates, we decided to spend our money, energy and time on developing an even better system."
Current 2017 IQS ratings put Subaru well below the industry average with 113 problems reported per 100 vehicles.
As one can see reading this forum, the overwhelming majority of problems reported have to do with the infotainmnet and connectivity systems.
Virtually nothing reported about things that used to be the primary focus of the car, i.e., engines, transmissions, fit and finish.
What a change.
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