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I know this may seem silly but it's something I do to every car I own. I purchase some adhesive backed reflector tape and put it in various places on the car doors, hood and hatches. Any place that you would not normally see with everything shut but if you open the it at night an oncoming car would see it. I do just in case the lights stop working and as an added reflecting surface to the ones on the car. The hatch and hood ones could potentially be seen before the lower ones. The door ones will be seen when the door is open. It may seem OCD but what can I say, it may help if you have a flat on the side of the road you never know.

I will swap the attached pics out when I can get to my Impreza to show where they are but it's currently under a cover in a tough to get to spot so here is where I put them on my Forester when I had it, but you get the idea Not pictured is the flat surface above your head at the bottom of the hatch so it's seen when it's open and up high. Same for the top of the open hood by the latch.

If you look around you will find similar tape to car colors that reflect bright white. There is even black reflecting tape that reflects bright white



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