Hey guys. Selling a Brand New Thule set.

I bought these for my Type R. Assembled it but never got to use it. I got curious and wanted to see if it fits on the Subaru and it does ! Looks pretty cool. The front of the is not as flush as the rear but you can still adjust it if you want. Just know this was meant for a 2020 Honda Type R. But by the photos you can tell it looks good.

Comes with:
Thule Evo Foot Clamp
Thule Rubber Fit Kit
Thule Black Evo WingBars
Keys and tool

Thule Evo Bars $250
Thule Evo Feet $250
Thule Feet Kit Mold $180
2 FREE lock cylinders since Thule rack don't come with Locks ($80)

$560 picked up (shipping on buyer)
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