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I've had a VAVA Dash Cam for a while now. I liked it because besides being a decent dash cam, it's easy to move from car to car with additional mounts. It's held on the mount with a strong magnet. I move it from my Miata to Impreza. They recently came out with a duel front / rear version. I've always liked the idea of a duel setup but not so much he idea of running the wires. Well, I went and got the updated one and installed it today. I'll just put the old one in the Miata. It wasn't all that difficult. The hardest part was running the cable though the little rubber hose between the hatch and body. But I really like the set up. I had previously run the front power wire so that was done already. That I ran across the passenger side and down the A pillar to the power plug in the console. All hidden. The rear cam I ran down the driver's side at the edge of the headliner. it hides well and you can't really see it at all. If anyone wants details let me know, I may add text to the link I have with the photos.

I have a screen shot of what the cam sees but for the actual quality of the video, it needs to be downloaded to you phone with the supplied app. The screenshot preivew does not do it justice.

I put some pics up at the following link https://photos.app.goo.gl/RVP81EkzRRVtqyRt6

This is the cam > Click Me<




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