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I had a smoke and stared at it after Thanksgiving lunch. Eagerly anticipating the fixed roof rails to arrive so I can mount my narrow basket and snowboard carriers, as well as my flaps for slope season!

Also listed the stock 2023 wheels and brand new (less than 13km) Continental Tires. 205x55r16 for sale locally.

Thinking of side skirts and lips now. But wouldn't know what to get 馃槙

Any links to side skirts?

After a half decent wash.
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Added my vintage style Rocker switches I had kicking around in storage from a former jeep switch setup (I don't throw anything away) and ran the wiring for the LED fogs I added. I installed the 2nd switch for future roof rack lights.

Love the snap of an old style Rocker.

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Certainly adds a lot of ground cover vs. the stock LED fogs alone. Of course these are only going to be used on lonely highways in suburban areas at night and during increment weather situations.
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Upside down was the only way the switch covers were gonna work without cutting a brand new dash. So that's how they were installed.

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@BlubaruNoobaru - You may check to see if other models between Ascent, Outback, Legacy, Impreza, Crosstrek have any buttons for that instrument quadrant which could be used in lieu of the aftermarket switches. Would be really nice to see an OEM button operate those lights. The other 3 blanks can be removed and replaced with actual buttons.

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I actually prefer these. Unsure why, perhaps my jeeping/overland/offroading roots?

Love the feel of them and their look. They do not interfere with anything and leaves the bottom row open and accessible. I understand the purist perspective and agree about cleanliness with stock style switches. But, I don't imagine on an Impreza, I'm going to want or find a use for more than two switches -if that - and as such these will do. (I also like the feeling of repurposing. Call me sentimental I suppose.

If I do find I need more switches on this blubaru . . I probably should be driving my Wrangler anyhow lol
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In case this vehicle needs to be quick flipped (my immediate future is actually really blurry in terms.of logistics) - this would be easiest to revert back to OEM for this vehicle's build sheet

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Emblem swap.

Front was not too bad..
But I couldn't for the life of me get any of my non marring pry tools to get that rear emblem to lift a smidgen! Floss and fishing line won't work the way it is centered in an imprinted stamped oval in the hatch.

It's buried in there. Yes I used heat gun, lots of heat gun. Ain't my first rodeo.

Front end looks nice though 馃憣
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Edit: kept working at it and finally got an old credit card to slip in. Easy peezy after that with a ton of heat. Rear end done!

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Then added the LP delete plate I ordered a month ago. It had just arrived. I layered 4 layers of the yellow tint I had used on the OEM fog lights behind the plate and sandwiched it between the plastic bumper and delete plate.
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This baby is pretty much satisfactory for my wants now. Just need to figure out if I want the blue LED glow lights on the interior or the exterior undercarriage. I'm leaning interior, tied into the fuse panel for the courtesy lights.

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Finally got a chance to test the new fog light setup for our lovely PNW weather
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Very nice setup.

I'm looking into doing similar. What make is that?

I'm looking at RI front rally light bar for my impreza. They sure are proud of their product with that price tag though.

I could build one as I did for my jeep, but materials costs are crazy right now too. Unsure what avenue would be cheapest at this point.

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...and naturally. . . . Winter tires were picked up last night. Dirt cheap, half season of use on them only.

Today they went on. 205/45 r17. A step down in ride height from my 18" summer wheels. Lost the aggressive and wide stance, but gonna make up for it in the deep aggressive Canadian Winter with some awd fun!

The light bar has already saved my front end going over a raised mogul and coming down over it wayyy too fast! Wow

And of course, I cleaned the hell out of it. Already had a nice layer of salt.

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And for fun:
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Added the oil catch can. Made a bracket out of a $2 home depot L bracket and snugged it onto the AC compressor bolt inboard at the rear. While I was under there I recycled my OEM grill emblem onto the pulley/belt shield because, why not?
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Then added the rear bumper carbon fiber patterned paint protector to the rear bumper. Matching the door sills I installed a few weeks back.
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