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I did some digging to compare, and you're more right than I thought, as I was curious to the different spoilers between the Levorg and the Impreza, as they both have different P/Ns, but then I compared the Impreza spoiler to the stock images for Subaru America, and there is a more noticeable difference side-by-side between the two.
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I will say, the Levorg has an interesting spoiler, where rather than a wholly new piece to replace the stock spoiler, it is instead an add-on for the original spoiler on the vehicle.
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Oh whoa, this is pretty awesome, I would love to see that add-on if its available. I have been looking for a spoiler / spoiler extender, possibly like a duck bill or something. I don't want a huge wing but something to make the back end a little cooler. If you find more information, please let me know!
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