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Randomly went off-roading with one of my Uber passengers on their property after dropping them off. Followed them in their excavator through the woods on what he called a "trail" lol. Nope, we were making the trail.
As soon as I got back to the road to head home my steering wheel started shaking violently left to right about an inch once I went over about 25 mph along with a clunking sound that increased and decreased with speed. The next day I checked the driver side front corner which is where it sounded like the clunking was coming from and everything looked hunky dory, nothing loose, bent or broken.

I was about to put the wheel back on and noticed that the wheel weights were missing. I'm guessing a rock got caught in there and knocked them off. After having the wheel rebalanced it was definitely an improvement but it was still shaking quite a bit.
I took the car down the road to one of the do-it-yourself car washes and noticed that there was a ton of mud caked inside the front passenger side wheel. When I started pressure washing the inside of the wheel a rock about 2 inches in diameter fell out from being lodged in there somehow.
Well it turns out that the weight of a rock stuck in your wheel screws up the balance. Drove perfect after that 👍👍.


161 - 165 of 165 Posts