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I scratched my windshield 2 years ago by removing snow with a snow brush. Maybe a piece of sand was in the brush. Carlex glass for this windshield is very soft. The scratch is deep enough to flick a fingernail slightly in its deepest spot. (Luckily the deep spot is on the side) I toyed the idea of possibly breaking my windshield to get a new one,....but I really don't want to do that, I'm too honest, as it sounds, it could turn into a big revolting development.

I decided to actually do something about it before this winter as the scratch has become an annoyance. (right in my field of view) Night time light refraction was the worst.
Found a reputable glass shop according to google a few towns over. They basically said that polishing glass is 1 to another. So instead of taking money from me and possibly making me unhappy with the results, they gave me a coke cap's worth of cerium oxide and told me to go to town. This was after I said I tried to get the scratch out myself and could not. The shop beat my expectations and would go back because of their honesty and support.

I managed to run a simple closed foam pad on a drill for an hour to polish the scratch. The results polished the walls and floor of the scratch so it won't hold dirt or sharply refract light. I then used some polishes and sealant for the final finish. The scratch is too deep to polish out completely with out distorting the glass. (That's what the shop was saying.)

The scratch, I was not able to capture on camera. The polish job went well for now.

Should of masked it for the mess...eh.. maybe next time.

After polish and clean up with Carpro's Eraser product to remove all polishing residue.

Applied some Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish to clean the entire windshield rubbing by hand.
Then ran a final coat with Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner and a lot of buffing.

The perfect vision removed the wiper lines and stopped my silicone wipers from chattering. (rain-ex wasn't working anymore.)

Here's the reflection>


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Very cool man! Before I got into Subies I had a Ford Probe that I bought used. The windows were chemically etched by the rain in NJ. I got some auto window polish that was this thick purple stuff and buffed all of the windows like new.

It is amazing what you can do with chemicals. :)
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